Hello, my name is Pete and I’ve been building and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server databases for nearly 20 years. At no point has my job title ever mentioned SQL or databases; I started off building websites that used SQL Server as a back-end, and have somewhat drifted over the years to become a statistical modeller and analyst, but I still spend a large portion of my day typing SQL commands into Management Studio. I’m no expert in any aspect of SQL Server (and certainly no DBA), but I’ve built up enough experience to feel comfortable blogging about how I use it: what works for me, and what doesn’t.

Hence, I don’t claim that anything I write will be definitive, authoritative, or the ‘best way’ of doing it. I’m always learning, and SQL Server itself is an evolving product.

I think I should also mention that I generally work on databases up to a few hundred gigabytes in size. These days, such sizes are not considered “a lot of data”. I’m well aware that methods that work for smaller databases (e.g. databases measured in gigabytes) will not always perform as well for large databases (multi-terabyte and above). Caveat lector, “let the reader beware”!


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